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Consulting Services

We can apply our extensive practical experience in technology, materials science and electronics to provide diverse solutions.

Examples of recent consulting projects and solutions:

Crack Detection Methods Explored

We advised a manufacturer on various methods for detecting cracks in their product and modeled appropriate designs to determine the operating parameters required for their application.


RF Site Survey Performed

We advised a manufacturer installing a new flatbed microwave dielectric heat-curing machine on safe operation considerations, and measured the RF radiation at various power levels to ensure that the employees could operate the machine without exposure to dangerous levels of radiation.


RFID Design for Wristband Application

We designed a manufacturable antenna and circuit involving the use of an RFID tag for customer control and concession sales at sporting events.


Printer Design Suggestions Aid Product Improvement

Our experience in optics, semiconductors, and printer design facilitated the client’s design team in their efforts to develop and consider innovative alternatives that solved existing design problems.


Process Recommendations Improve Magnetic Switch Yield and Function

Our analysis of coating materials and technological application methods and our recommendations for the overall manufacturing process for a electro-mechanical switch led to improvements in yield and reliability that made the product viable.


Processing Improved with Appropriate Materials Recommendations

We applied our expertise in materials science and assembly line processing to solve problems occurring in sequential soldering operations for complex parts that had geometric and materials type restrictions.


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